Facebook Live brings video broadcasting to Android users.

Live event streaming: Not just for famous people and iPhone users anymore.

First, Facebook brought live event streaming to celebrities and other public figures. Thenlast month, all iPhone users got to join the fun. Now, “Facebook Live” is coming to Android.

Facebook says the rollout for live streaming on Android will begin next week in the United States, with other countries to follow. The same feature is already available on iPhone, and Android users can already tune into those streams. But until now, Android users haven’t been able to create their own live video.

Once the feature arrives, Android users can start a Facebook Live broadcast by tapping the Status button in the main Facebook app for Android, then looking for “Live Video” under the “What’s on your mind?” heading. As with any status update, you can decide whether the live feed is available to friends, friends of friends, the public, or limited groups.

While broadcasting, users can post comments in real-time. Facebook also offers a subscribe.facebookliveandroid-100647143-large