This is the flexible, foldable future of smartphone displays.

Flexible displays are yet to fully realise their potential in our mobile devices, but one British firm has a range of screens it’s hoping will soon change that.

We’ve already seen flexible displays in a handful of products, with the likes of theLG G Flex and Samsung Gear Fit dabbling with the bendable form factor, but you can’t fold them in half or wrap them round your arm.

Heading over to the FlexEnable stand at MWC 2016, we were shown some exciting screen technology from the Cambridge-based firm.

It’s created a range of full colour screens which can be folded, rolled and flexed with ease. While its LCD solution can be bent round a coffee up, its transistor solution can be rolled around a HB pencil.

Get your flex on

This kind of durability opens up a whole world of opportunity for device manufacturers, and the hope is we’ll be treated to some truly unique products, including ones that can fold in half and sport roll-up screens.

Another area interested in FlexEnable’s smarts is the auto industry, as car manufacturers are keen to replace the flat screens their currently forced to use in the centre console and dashboard with more elegant curved solutions.