Facebook is shutting down Notify, which launched last November but never really gained much traction. The company announced the news on Friday with a brief note to its remaining users, revealing that the app is dead but some features will live on in other parts of Facebook.

Specifically, the app’s news-focused notifications could be headed to Messenger, according to TechCrunch. That makes sense Facebook is already pushing publishers and brands to use the messaging app as a way to communicate directly with people. Combining smart chatbots with news-focused notifications actually sounds pretty good.

Notify offered access to more than 70 publishers at launch across a range of topics. You could also choose to focus on a specific topic, like your favorite sports team or a company’s stock, instead of just getting general news on broad topics. The app delivered updates in bite-sized notifications with the option to dig deeper for more info.

The service did generate some attention at launch, but it dropped off pretty quickly. According to analysis from SensorTower (via TechCrunch) it was only downloaded 63,000 times total. So it’s unlikely many people will miss Notify when it’s gone, and it may mean some nice improvements to Messenger as a result.