Down 2-0 in the NBA Finals after a merciless 110-77 thrashing from the Golden State Warriors Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers are proving all adversity is not created equal.

Getting their doors blown off this badly, at this ultimate stage of the postseason, made hopeful comments like these from Kevin Love after Game 1 ring hollow:

“There’s good things that can come from it feeling like your back is up against the wall,” he told reporters. “I think we’ve been a team that has kind of thrived in, I don’t know if chaos is the right word, but thrived in adversity and been able to bounce back.”

To be fair, what were Love and the rest of the Cavs (many of whom also spoke of the team’s trials during the season) supposed to say after losing big in Game 1?

Working through a midseason coaching change, LeBron James’ cryptic tweets and relentless media scrutiny has clearly done little to steel the Cavaliers against a different, more direct species of adversity. They’re getting demolished by superior talent that is better deployed and far more rigorously tested. Based on the proceedings in Game 2, Cleveland doesn’t thrive in this kind of adversity at all.

It falls apart.

Draymond Green led the way for the Warriors, scoring 28 points, grabbing seven rebounds and handing out five assists in 34 minutes. His fifth three-pointer nearly killed Stephen Curry, who was resting comfortably on the bench at the time.720x405-GettyImages-476310084