Ahead of the first game at EURO 2016 on Friday evening, UEFA have published confirmation that a new set of rules will be implied for the first time during this years European Championships in France.

After an 18-month review, the International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) review has come up with several modifications to the game in a bid to make it fairer and more entertaining.

Former Premier League referee David Elleray took charge of the committee.who were tasked with the job of re-writing the rules.

Here are some of the new laws that will feature at EURO 2016:

– Referees have been ordered to crack down on holding at set pieces. UEFA have reportedly warned teams and will expect referees to set a precedent in the first few games.

– Referees have been ordered to give a yellow card if a defender or goalkeeper is the last man and brings down an attacker in the penalty box.

– No more feigning on spot kicks. Players will no longer be allowed to feign when they are next to the ball as they take a penalty, Players who break the rule will receive a yellow card.

Pre-match early bath. Players can now be sent off for bad behaviour even before the game starts.

– Kick offs can now go backwards. Traditionally the ball was required to travel forward, but now it can go in any direction as long as there is one other player in the centre circle.

All of the above rules will be in place during the European Championships this summer.

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