The sight of McLaren struggling over the last couple of seasons in F1 hasn’t been a great sight for fans of the third most successful constructor in F1 history but things are starting to get a little better.

At Monaco two weeks ago Fernando Alonso drove an excellent race to put his McLaren-Honda in fifth, equalling the best result of the team since they started back with the Honda engine at the beginning of 2015.

To add to that Jenson Button finished in ninth and picked up a further two points in the constructors race to go with Alonso’s 12. It leaves the British team still a long way off where they historically should be but there’s shoots of a recovery.

And this week in Montreal, the scene of one of McLaren and Button’s most infamous victories, they will be getting a new turbo update to their engine.

The decision to use the update at the Canadian GP means the team have used the first two tokens of the allotted 14 to update the engine during the season.

Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa hinted that they’d given the team as long as possible to decide whether or not to use the update to make sure the results of testing left the team confident to use it.

Back in 2011 Button won an incredible race in Canada when the rain delayed the race by two hours midway through and he went from last at one point to win.