The location-based tool may help you download a boarding pass app at the airport or an audio tour during a trip to the museum.

Google’s Nearby platform is ready to get a little more in-your-face. According to theOfficial Android Blog, Nearby will be able to fire off a notification when you’re near a Bluetooth beacon, with details about apps to download or use based on your location.

While the Nearby API isn’t new, Google says an update to Google Play Services enables devices from KitKat and above to recognize pings from Eddystone beacons. Google offered a few real-world examples to drive this home:

  • The ability to print photos from your phone at CVS Pharmacy.
  • The University of Notre Dame may ping you with details about campus history.
  • An audio tour when visiting The Broad in LA.
  • Mobile Passport at select airports.
  • The United Airlines app could remind you to download it for in-flight entertainment.
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  • Why this matters: Google has been pursuing all kinds of ways to drive app installs and make your Android phone the center of your computing universe. The Nearby tools, physical web, Tango, and VR all demonstrate that the tools we use are about to get more immersive and tie in directly to the objects around us.

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