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Be a productivity pro with this Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle – only $29


It’s easy to dismiss a suite of programs that’s been around seemingly forever – like Microsoft Office. But it remains the most popular productivity suite on the planet for a reason – it simply works.

Get more Office-proficient today with this complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle, now just $29 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

You’ll receive training in four Office courses, including at least one of the suite’s lesser-known, yet battle-tested programs. Your courses include:

  • Microsoft Excel for Beginners
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Course
  • Microsoft Access Certification Course

Armed with this training, you’ll understand spreadsheets, multimedia presentations and database management a lot more clearly. And you’ll have full PowerPoint and Access certification once you’re done, which should give you an edge in your next job interview.

In fact, the whole course package will probably have you wondering why you didn’t do some serious Microsoft Office training during the last 20 years. But better late than never…

These courses normally cost almost $3,000, so score this package now at over 90% off at a sale price of $29 before the deal expires.

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