Coupes are not Skoda’s thing and the brand is already focused on broadening its SUV range, but if the heads at VW Group decided they wanted to offer something more affordable than the Audi A5, it could have looked like thos.


If the “Tudor” name sounds familiar, it’s because Skoda used it (more recently) on a concept car which they brought to Geneva back in 2002. It was based on the first-generation Superb but featured a lowered suspension, sport-tuned chassis and a 6-cylinder power unit.

Of course, nothing came to be from that, yet the design of the car was relatively well received. So then could the same recipe be applied in more modern times? Nice as this rendering by Theophilus Chin might look, we wouldn’t bet on it for the reasons we explained at the beginning, plus the fact that’s it’s a very small niche that Skoda will not be exploring any time soon.

Having said that, let us know if you guys would ever spend your hard earned paychecks on such a car, which could offer a premium experience for a less than premium price.