Demar Derozen┬áhas become quite polarizing among the Lakers‘ fan base. On one hand, he’d be a veteran with a good head on his shoulders whose athleticism would be a welcomed sight on the wing. On the other, he’s a highly inefficient scorer who needs the ball in isolation spots to be successful. The strongest stances tend be on the side of not wanting him, but there are certainly plenty out there who want him.

Well, the story will have legs for just a little while longer, as he is reportedly set to meet with the Lakers this coming week, despite reports that his stated preference is to return to Toronto to pick up where they left off after a season resulting in a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. It’s hard to see him wanting to leave Toronto to join the Lakers in a rebuild, but here we are.

Say what you will about DeRozan’s shortcomings, but he is a talented basketball players, and the Lakers desperately need more of those. At some point, Kevin Durant and other elite talents passing up on being the cornerstone of the Lakers’ rebuilding efforts needs to sink in, and the front office should consider adding peripheral talent to coerce those kinds of guys.